Maintenance Tips

Cooling System

Are you keeping your Radiator and A/C condenser clean externally from bugs and other debris? Today's high tech cooling system designs use double the fins per inch in heat transfer products then they did 30 years ago. The advantage to higher fin counts is manufactures get the same cooling results in a much smaller lighter size unit. The down side is bugs, leaves and various other debris collect in the radiator and condenser far easier at 20 fins per inch than at 12 fins per inch.

External plugging not only causes the engine to run hotter it also puts and undesirable strain on the A/C system, causing poor cooling performance and in extreme cases ruins the A/C compressor. Many times hundreds and even thousands of unnecessary dollars in repairs are done each year just because this simple fact is overlooked.

Visalia Radiator offers a Cooling System Maintenance for $49.95 . Included in this service is:

  • Drain and refill cooling system with one gallon of coolant
  • Externally clean Radiator and Condenser
  • Pressure test cooling system